Welcome to Cockpit Country a unique ecological sight in Jamaica. It is regarded as the last remaining wilderness area in Jamaica and the world’s example of Karst Limestone topography.

The area hosts approximately 1500 endemic plant and animal species, and is classified as a hot spot in a hot spot. It is the habitat for Jamaica’s 28 endemic bird species and hosts several migratory species.

The area is networked with hiking trails originally used by the Maroon warriors in their successful battle against British colonial warriors to secure their freedom. Its white limestone base weathered over eons resulting in over 300 cave communities that served as Maroon hideouts during their wars.

It is the birthplace of several Olympic Gold medal athletes including sprint legend Dr. Usain Bolt. We welcome you to come support our conservation and protection efforts against mining and quarrying; while participating in natural adventure, exploring the warmth of community life, and being immersed into awesome and authentic ecotourism.

Caving with us is fun for everyone, even when going from a low to high impact exploration.
Our Guides have you smiling wherever you are on the totem pole or,.. rope. Come experience and explore with us in our eco adventures.

Elegant! Isn't it? The Jamaican Yellow Billed Parrot, a endemic specie.
It's significant habitat and nesting sights are in Cockpit Country. Why not come spot them and the other 27 endemic Jamaican bird species on our hiking trails!

Ahhhhh! Free your soul. With every step you take unravel the mysteries of this unique wilderness, Cockpit Country. An adventure awaits!