Visit a string of unspoiled fishing villages and communities along Jamaica's south coast.

Treasure Beach is six miles of sandy beach, private coves and rocky shorelines. Here's an ideal chance to slow down a little, appreciate the natural beauty of the island and get to know some of the people who call it home.

Located in the parish of Saint Elizabeth, on the southern coast of Jamaica, Treasure Beach is comprised of four coves and their villages: Billy's Bay, Frenchman's Bay, Calabash Bay and Great Pedro Bay.

The scenery here is unspoiled, and the vibe is laid back. There are plenty of small restaurants and shops along the one-mile stretch of beach. Visit any of them to meet the locals, and experience authentic Jamaican cuisine.

While here, you may wish to engage a driver (there are plenty around), who can take you out for a day tour of local attractions like the Milk River baths, or Little Ochie.

Boat tours are also abundant here. Take a cruise up the Black River, and end your day at the famous Pelican Bar, accessible only by boat.